Is your network secure?

Is Your Network Secure?

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IT Security along with Cloud is the hot topic in IT at the moment. The combination of cloud and security is absolutely vital to any business. For Small Business with 1-50 staff, security services are often left out of the budget, or not talked about with any seriousness by IT providers. It can no longer be ignored, viruses are getting smarter, attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the bad guys are making large amounts of money from ransomware. The answer is quite simple, the 4 essential layers of network security are required to secure your systems and keep the bad guys out. Can your business afford to have all your data and backups encrypted by ransomware?

The 6 essential layers of security are made up of the following

  1. Business Grade Firewall with enterprise features (IPS, ATP)
  2. Smart Cloud Endpoint Security
  3. Smart Cloud Email Security
  4. Smart Cloud Web/DNS Security
  5. Automated Patching
  6. Cloud Backup

There are many business-grade Endpoint security solutions available on the market. Some of these come from well known, very large companies. But often these solutions and bloated, slow, and don't detect the newest variants of viruses since they still rely on antiquated signature update technology. It is important that you network is protected by Next-gen, fast, efficient endpoint security that detects and stops the latest threats without slowing your system down.

Cyber attack means downtime, lost productivity and loss of revenue.  Your clients want to know that their information in safe in your system – only a strong and secure network can provide the security needed for you and your customers.

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