ACIS & vCIO – How can MLogic IT Solutions help your business?

MLogic IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

MLogic has taken IT managed services to a new level with the combination of these two processes. No longer is it enough to simply monitor your network and sort issues as they arise. (At least it’s not enough for us). MLogic will audit your system on a regular basis (quarterly or biannually) and create a report that identifies areas of the network that are not compliant with best practices. With necessary and ongoing updates and changes to software and devices, networks can develop incompatibilities, our process will quickly identify these, and highlight areas of potential improvement to your systems.

Our ACIS network optimisation process is designed to maintain a secure; stable, and high performance network for your business. This is achieved by a process where a thorough systems analysis is carried out on your system, this analysis is compared to a template that is constantly updated and contains the framework for a system configured to best practices. The results are analysed and a report is created that identifies any areas your system may need improvement.

MLogic's vCIO will then sit down with you and discuss the report, so you are fully informed, and together we will make sure you system is always secure, stable and performing well.

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By John Martiniello

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