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To finance…or not to finance, that is the question.

To finance...or not to finance?      That is the question! As the end of financial year approaches, many businesses will purchase new IT equipment to replace aging technology, and look to improve their tax position. Purchasing equipment can be a good option for established businesses, where the equipment has a long, usable life. However,…
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Your IT Provider needs to be more in 2018

Your IT Provider needs to be more in 2018 Welcome back to a new year full of enticing challenges and exciting developments. 2017 saw an increase in malware attacks targeting Small Business, unfortunately, this trend is expected to continue and even increase in 2018. Due to these new threats, the IT industry has been pushed…
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Specialised Managed Services for Law Firms

Specialised Managed Services for Law Firms   Law Firms are finding it increasingly difficult to get the technology and support they need in the current Managed Services industry. MLogic IT Solutions has identified, that Law Firms require specialised IT services to meet their individual needs. As more legal processes are becoming digitised and online only,…
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