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The new standard in IT Management

What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services? Next-Gen Managed Services is taking managed services beyond just using software to monitor, patch, and repair your clients IT systems. That is a given, if your not doing this, then it's not managed services at all. Next-Gen managed services is about bringing together your traditional IT Services with new…
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To finance…or not to finance, that is the question.

To finance...or not to finance?      That is the question! As the end of financial year approaches, many businesses will purchase new IT equipment to replace aging technology, and look to improve their tax position. Purchasing equipment can be a good option for established businesses, where the equipment has a long, usable life. However,…
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Next-Gen Managed IT Services

Why your business needs Next-Gen Managed IT Services  Managed Services Managed Services What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services? It has been over 10 years since many IT companies started making the change from traditional break-fix-repeat IT support, to Managed IT Services. But some IT companies have stayed with the old method of charging by the…
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