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MCloud Microsoft 365 - Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 brings together the latest version of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite. Apps include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access.
As well as a variety of communication and collaboration tools such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, One Drive, and Microsoft Teams. Best of all, these applications are based on a per user, per month model, allowing you to purchase and deploy services as needed, while predicting monthly costs. Flexible, easy, familiar. Contact MLogic

MCloud Backup 365

Backup 365 automatically backs up every Office 365 mailbox for your business. The need for backup of your mailboxes in today’s cloud environment, and knowing that you have an independent, restorable copy of your business data is critical. Backup 365 allows MLogic to restore your email data to any point in time. 

MCloud Backup 365 can also backup your Office 365 cloud data such as One Drive and SharePoint. Most businesses are not aware that these files are not backed up and data can be lost. MCloud Backup 365 removes that risk by ensuring all your data stored in the cloud is backed up. Contact MLogic

MCloud Email Archive

Email today has become the standard method for having “things in writing”, as emails are progressively viewed as documentary evidence in the same way today as a formal letter would have been 10 years ago. So how do we store and access these formal documents for your business?

MCloud Email Archive delivers true “business grade” email archiving technology to small to medium businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance. EVERY email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

MCloud Workflow

Workflow solutions for Legal and Accounting sectors. Designed to make processing documents easy by automating your important workflows, making complex tasks simple. This will make your staff more efficient by saving valuable time through process automation.

MLogic can provide enhanced workflow solutions using the Nuance ecopy range of software. Nuance offers multiple connectors for the software, including, Leap, Lexis Affinity, Sage, SharePoint and many more.

It doesn't matter what brand of copier you have, MLogic will work with any brand that supports ecopy, so you are not limited by your copier service company. Contact MLogic

MCloud Print Server

MLogic Cloud Services offer a great way for business to remove on-premises print servers, or remove the need to manage local printers on multiple workstations. Using PrinterLogic cloud enterprise print management software, MLogic can simplify your printer management. All from a simple cloud-based console and without compromising your cloud security. Contact MLogic