Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is vital to any business that has transitioned away from a traditional file server to cloud based services. Or you are a new business and need to store your files in a secure location while making sure they are available to you at all times.

One of the primary uses for cloud storage is file syncing and sharing. With more employees working remotely and using mobile devices, you need a single spot where they can sync and share the documents, videos, PDFs, etc. that they use every day. Whether they're traveling or working from home, cloud storage provides employees more flexibility and accessibility than a local drive or memory card.

Moreover, you need a "single source of truth" for your business files. With a cloud-based sync and share solution, your employees are all working off the same version of a file. You don't need to worry about one person having a different version of the file. Plus, since the files are stored remotely in the cloud, you don't need to worry about losing any data if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, or if a fire or flood destroys your office.

Both Datto Workplace and Microsoft 365 OneDrive, are enterprise-grade File Sync and Share solutions, enabling central config, management, and monitoring of your critical business data. Built for business, both solutions provide a seamless collaboration platform to clients, for every file, from every device.

MLogic has complete control over critical business data to support productive and growing SMBs. Client’s can work anytime, anywhere without putting their security and efficiency at risk.

Advantages of these solutions are,

  • Enterprise-grade file sync and share
  • Convenience without putting security and efficiency at risk.
  • Work Anywhere, On Any Device
  • Secure Infrastructure and Compliance
  • Untethered mobility
  • Controls for security

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