The importance of Cloud Backup for business

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Cloud Backup

Over the last month we have seen wave after wave of ransomware attacks. With each attack the bad guys got a little more clever and did a little more damage. The two big attacks WannaCry and Petya caused havoc around the world. They locked business data, and spread via the network, bringing some large companies to their knees. The scary thing is, these new variants can now locate your backups on a NAS or other storage device and encrypt those too. Imagine turning up to work one day as a business owner and finding you data and backups are encrypted. Would your business survive losing all its data?

There is a way to protect your business.

The Solution

Cloud backup provides a replicated remote storage location for your onsite backups. Even if a virus managed to get into your network it would not be able to encrypt your cloud backup data since it is remote to your system. If all the data on your servers was encrypted by ransomware, it could all be restored from Cloud backup and your business would be running as normal in quick time. Another advantage is that you don't have to go an change your backup software, with smart solutions from MLogic, cloud backup will work with your current backup software such as Shadow Protect and Veeam.

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MLogic Cloud backup and Cloud BDR solutions are all provided with Australian-based hosting. You can rest assured that your data is not being stored off-shore. This is excellent for security, compliance and privacy requirements. Many business are using filesharing solutions such as DropBox only to find all data in DropBox is stored in US data centres. All MLogic Cloud backup solutions are 100{d53cdca7f9b43f90e0283f428e8a76453f8aef2578dc48f491c718c0e7bee881} Australian.

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