Managed Services

Managed Services

MLogic Managed Services

MLogic premium Managed Services will provide you with a fixed cost, personalised support solution, carried out by experienced engineers. Your systems are monitored 24/7 and we ensure that your systems are kept in optimal condition. As a result, any potential threat or issue is resolved before impacting your staff. Our easy to use, web based ticketing system will keep you informed on the status of any issues. Our customer focused processes will ensure you are always kept in the loop

How it's done

MLogic IT Solutions will install low footprint software on all servers and workstations for our clients. The software will report back to our centralised system at regular intervals with the vital system information it has gathered. This means we will monitor all your devices not just your servers, giving us an overall view of the network, allowing our engineers to pinpoint issues and resolve them before the staff member even notices a problem. Automation also provides fixes to common issues instantly without any intervention. What does all this mean? It means less hassle, less down time and more productivity for your staff.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) located in Wollongong uses the latest monitoring tools that provide us with live alerts, current status of all systems, hardware and software inventory, patching status and automation, remote control and more. Above all, we use only the best in security solutions.

How does it help you?

The state of the art tools allow MLogic to gather vital information on your systems performance, status, and trends. As a result, over time not only are we able to keep your systems in optimal condition, but we can analyse trends and predict issues that may arise in the future and take steps to mitigate this. Disk usage, memory usage, CPU utilization, network utilization, and more. We compile all this into our IGNITE process and provide reporting that is used in regular discussions with our clients. As a result, you know exactly where your system is at, what improvements are required, what needs to be budgeted for, and a strategic plan can be formed that will help grow your business without the road blocks that many small businesses face.

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