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John Martiniello

Managed Services

What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services?

It has been over 10 years since many IT companies started making the change from traditional break-fix-repeat IT support, to Managed IT Services. But some IT companies have stayed with the old method of charging by the hour for faults (break-fix-repeat) or adopted an expensive, hybrid approach.

Ask yourself -

What incentive do these IT companies have to keep your system running well?

These companies rely on your system breaking, to create work for themselves. They are not motivated to build a strong, reliable system for your company.

What about the companies who did make the change to managed IT services?

The Managed IT Services model, aims to constantly monitor; patch, fix issues in the background, and update your system. Breakdowns are kept to a minimum because the IT support people are dedicated to keeping your system in the best working order possible.

Managed IT services are charged at a fixed monthly rate, to provide peace of mind to the customer and a known, monthly IT budget.

However, many IT companies thought this was a great chance to charge extra for their services, while doing less for their clients. They chose a hybrid approach of basic monitoring, coupled with break-fix-repeat servicing.

These companies install an agent on their customer's servers, and bill monthly for server monitoring, but still charge per hour for issues that arise. They even increase their break-fix revenue as the monitoring software alerts them for every minor error. They usually send a tech onsite to "fix" this issue and bill accordingly. Often the issue could have been fixed remotely.

What happened with the companies who truly embraced the Managed Services approach?

True managed service provides, invest in quality software, that not only monitor servers, workstation and notebooks, but also switches, routers, printers, and wireless access points. These companies implement high-level automation with patching of Windows and 3rd party apps, and also fixes for know issues. This type of service is designed to keep the customer up and running with a minimum of downtime. Managed Services are provided for a fixed monthly fee. All onsite work to fix issues that can't be done remotely should be included in that fixed monthly fee.

What happened to the Hybrid Service Providers?

Clients soon started to notice that they rarely saw anyone form the IT company anymore. They were paying all this money each month to an IT provider, and sure things were running better, but questions began to arise.

Why do I need to purchase a new server without any planning or budgeting, and without even knowing the server was having issues?

Why did an email come in saying 3 PC's have to replaced, how old are they? Is there something wrong with them?

IT companies had stopped talking to their clients.

I.T is a major part of any business, and constant communication is required between IT provider and client. The discussion needs to be more than mundane tickets and a new PC's. The discussion has to be centered around the client's business. The IT provier must understand where your business is currently, and where it wants to go, and how can technology help get it there.

What has MLogic done about this?

MLogic has introduced IGNITE to its clients.

The IGNITE service packages together, your network management, cloud services, and auditing and consultation processes - tailored to the needs of your company.

MLogic IGNITE provides a new level of customer engagement and network management. Our Ignite service is designed to ensure your system is secure, stable, and performing well.

IGNITE is made up of 4 components -

Managed Services

Component 1: Audit

We have developed, a best practises system standards template, from world leading vendors, and our own extensive experience in the field. MLogic will regularly audit your system and compare your audit with the standards template and identify any areas that need aligning.

Component 2: Consultation

The 2nd component, is our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) service, this is our way of keeping you informed of all things IT. Not only will we discuss your personal IGNITE report and other items specific to your system, we will also keep you updated on the latest in technology and how these technologies may help your business grow. The consultation process is key to our relationship with our customers and ensures that you are kept well informed.

Phase 3: Implement

After the auditing and consultation phase, if changes are proposed and accepted, the changes are implemented by the Professional Services team and communicated to the client and vCIO. All changes are tested and documented so the information is available to client and vCIO for the next IGNITE process.

Phase 4: Support

The final stage of the IGNITE process is the support of the system. vCIO and Professional Services team communicate changes to the helpdesk and provide documentation and information required to support the system. This allows for quick and efficient resolution of issues and an increase in productivity for the clients business.

So to answer the question "What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services?"

It is high-level managed services using best in class software to monitor, patch, repair, optimise using advanced automation technology + IGNITE.

IGNITE is MLogic's very own auditing and consultation process, that provides clients with a greater understanding of what system they have currently and what system they will need to prosper into the future.

John Martiniello - vCIO

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