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IT Support

MLogic IT Solutions provides specialised services to legal and accounting businesses. These services include Managed IT Services and Cloud Services along with workflow solutions specific to the legal and accounting sectors. We also have an extensive knowledge of the major software vendors in these industries, such as, Lawdocs, Leap, Lexis Nexis, Open Practice, Locus, LawWare, HotDocs, MYOB AE, MYOB AO, HandiSoft, SAGE, and Reckon Accounts.

Leap IT Partner

IT Support

MLogic is an IT Partner of LEAP Legal Software, the most popular provider of legal software and legal practice management software to small law firms. As an IT Partner we are accredited by LEAP Legal Software as a reliable provider of technical support services for users of LEAP software.

Our accreditation entitles us to additional technical resources and direct access to the LEAP Client Space so that we can access all online materials on behalf of our clients so we can save you a lot of time by getting information and downloads from the Client Space on your behalf.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions for Legal and Accounting sectors. Designed to make processing documents easy by automating your important workflows, making complex tasks simple. This will make your staff more efficient by saving valuable time through process automation.

Scan to Leap Cloud

Users can scan documents to LEAP Legal (Cloud) as PDF (text searchable), then search the documents according to the content on the pages.
This solution will dramatically streamline the document archiving process for legal firms, providing them considerable savings in costs and resources.
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Download an overview here - MLogic Scan to Leap Cloud Connector

Scan to Leap (On-Premise Leap Server)

Ability to scan from copier or scanner directly into a chosen matter in Leap
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Scan to Lexis Affinity

Lexis Affinity practice management solution can now be used directly from your multifunctional device.
You can now browse your Affinity profiles and set associated metadata from the screen on your eCopy enabled machine for your scanned documents.
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Download an overview here - MLogic Scan to Lexis Affinity

Cost Recovery Solutions

Equitrac Professional helps law and accounting offices gain control over cost recovery and document expenses, providing firms with comprehensive print management software and document capture capabilities that reduce costs, increase security and eliminate waste.
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Dictation Solutions

MLogic IT Solutions provides a range of dictation solutions for law firms. These solutions improve efficiency and simplify the process of document creation. Dragon Legal enables you to create, edit and format file notes, contracts, briefs and more – all by voice – for improved efficiency, reduced transcription time and costs, and faster document turnaround.

MLogic also provides digital dictation systems from Philips and Olympus. Legal professionals often handle large amounts of correspondence and documentation daily. Philips dictation solutions support them managing their work load, lower their administrative costs and increase their efficiency and profits.
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