John Martiniello has been in the IT industry for 28 years, supporting small to medium business. He has held various senior roles over that time and has gained many industry certifications. His primary focus has always been the same -  the best outcome for the customer.

John was involved in the very beginning of the IT services industry transition to Managed Services in 1998 while working in a large Managed IT Services business in Sydney. This knowledge and new "managed" way of supporting clients' IT networks was implemented in Wollongong and soon replaced the break-fix model that was the standard IT services model at the time. Most IT companies did not implement Managed IT Services until 2010 when it became mainstream, and to this day many IT providers still implement the old break-fix model.

His extensive experience as vCIO for Small to Medium Business has provided many of his clients with the competitive advantage needed in their field. His knowledge of business and an ability to balance IT requirements with budget and work practices means you will always be in good hands. As vCIO for his clients John knows its not all about technology, it's getting the right technology for that business and implementing the technology so the people are able to be more productive.

MLogic was formed to provide business a dedicated IT Solutions provider whose main focus was helping clients get the most out of their systems and keep them secure. John developed the IGNITE service to provide clients a higher level of engagement and understanding. The aim is for MLogic to provide a specialised IT service that differentiates from the other technology providers, who are made up of printer/copier companies that do IT on the side and phone providers that "also do IT". MLogic is also focused on providing these services using local staff, rather than outsourcing to overseas helpdesks. As an example any IT provider using Continuum software is also outsourcing some of their helpdesk operations to an overseas helpdesk based in India and the US.

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