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Cloud Security

Cloud Security


The recent worldwide outbreak of the WannaCry ransomware and the many outbreaks that have made the news over the years, have really highlighted the need for Small Business to take IT cloud security seriously. It is crucial that you are using a next-gen endpoint security solution, your systems are always patched with the latest security updates, and you are running email security and web security solutions. Small Business often don't invest in Email and Web security, often because their IT provider does not present this as an important part of their IT environment but also because there is a perception that as long as I have some kind of Anti-Virus running, I'm safe. The problem is, the bad guys that write these viruses are getting smarter, and IT security has to keep pace with these evolving threats.

MLogic's MCloud Smart Security systems are protecting our customers from WannaCry and other threats. There are many security solutions on the market today that are bloated, slow, and in-efficient and do not adequately protect your system. Many of these are from well known vendors who have not been able to move their security solutions into the next-gen security requirements, they are still relying on the old signature based methods that are often too late to prevent an outbreak. MLogic has partnered with security vendors that produce next-gen, fast, nimble, security solutions that protect your business.

The MCloud Smart Security suite is a vital part of the 6 essential layers of network security, and forms a barrier between your business and the threats that exist on the internet. These are Next-Gen solutions provided by Next-Gen Technology Service Providers, designed to fight back in the battle for cyber safety. Don't let your business fall behind.

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