Layered IT Security – A must have for your Business

The 8 levels of layered IT security - why every business needs them 1. Cloud Endpoint Protection. Your endpoint protection needs to be a next-gen cloud based anti-virus and anti-malware solution. It is no longer enough to have an on-premise AV solution that relies on signature updates to keep you safe. Recent Covid-19 related scams…
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The new standard in IT Management

What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services? Next-Gen Managed Services is taking managed services beyond just using software to monitor, patch, and repair your clients IT systems. That is a given, if your not doing this, then it's not managed services at all. Next-Gen managed services is about bringing together your traditional IT Services with new…
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Going beyond passwords to enhance IT security

The information we keep online is too important to only safeguard with a single string of characters. Our security methods must evolve. Our corporate IT security is mostly reliant on passwords to protect our data. Is a password enough to keep your business data safe? Why 2FA is becoming an Essential Part of IT Security…
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