Going beyond passwords to enhance IT security

The information we keep online is too important to only safeguard with a single string of characters. Our security methods must evolve. Our corporate IT security is mostly reliant on passwords to protect our data. Is a password enough to keep your business data safe? Why 2FA is becoming an Essential Part of IT Security…
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5 Reasons why Cloud Services benefit your business

5 Reasons why Cloud Services benefit your business Cloud Services Many small businesses are migrating to the cloud and experiencing the benefits that cloud computing can provide. The Cloud is an alternative to the traditional model of expensive servers and software licenses. MLogic IT Solutions is a leading provider of Cloud Services and supports it…
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To finance…or not to finance, that is the question.

To finance...or not to finance?      That is the question! IT Support As the end of financial year approaches, many businesses will purchase new IT equipment to replace aging technology, and look to improve their tax position. Purchasing equipment can be a good option for established businesses, where the equipment has a long, usable…
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