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What is Next-Gen Managed IT Services?


Next-Gen Managed Services is taking managed services beyond just using software to monitor, patch, and repair your clients IT systems. That is a given, if your not doing this, then it’s not managed services at all. Next-Gen managed services is about bringing together your traditional IT Services with new Cloud Services and packaging all that into an IT Management platform that provides clients with business outcomes as well as technology success.


How does MLogic provide Next-Gen Managed Services?


MLogic has introduced IGNITE to our clients.

The IGNITE service packages together, your network management, cloud services, and auditing and consultation processes – tailored to the needs of your company.

MLogic IGNITE provides a new level of customer engagement and network management. Our Ignite service is designed to ensure your system is secure, stable, performing well, and that you are aware of the status of your system and what is required to keep it to the standard required.

IGNITE is made up of 4 components –

Managed Services
Component 1: Audit

We have developed, a best practises system standards template, from world leading vendors, and our own extensive experience in the field. MLogic will regularly audit your system and compare your audit with the standards template and identify any areas that need aligning.

Component 2: Consult

The 2nd component, is our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) service, this is our way of keeping you informed of all things IT. Not only will we discuss your personal IGNITE report and other items specific to your system, we will also keep you updated on the latest in technology and how these technologies may help your business grow. The consultation process is key to our relationship with our customers and ensures that you are kept well informed.

Phase 3: Implement

After the auditing and consultation phase, if changes are proposed and accepted, the changes are implemented by the Professional Services team and communicated to the client and vCIO. All changes are tested and documented so the information is available to client and vCIO for the next IGNITE process.

Phase 4: Support

The final stage of the IGNITE process is the support of the system. vCIO and Professional Services team communicate changes to the helpdesk and provide documentation and information required to support the system. This allows for quick and efficient resolution of issues and an increase in productivity for the clients business.

Visit our IGNITE page here

John Martiniello – vCIO


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