M-Shield Cybersecurity

With digital threats only becoming more sophisticated, proper cybersecurity measures are not negotiable. Our M-Shield cybersecurity service involves a range of preemptive measures, audits and reports to create a tailored strategy for your business. Staying up-to-date with the latest threats and harnessing decades of combined experience, our team is agile in approach. Using a multi-layered approach, we assess all the potential vulnerabilities in your IT ecosystem and fortify them with industry leading security protocols and technologies.

Defending your Devices

End-to-end cybersecurity measures from auditing to active risk mitigation. MLogic provides you with the certainty you need to operate in an increasingly digital business environment. Active monitoring, cutting-edge antivirus software and decades of experience form the basis of our approach as we focus on risk mitigation. In addition to the technical aspects of our cybersecurity services, we offer extensive staff training to ensure best practices are adhered to.

Advanced Threat Protection:

  • Cutting-edge technology for threat identification and mitigation
  • Continuous monitoring for suspicious activities 


Risk Assessment and Compliance:

  • Detailed risk assessments to identify security vulnerabilities
  • Assistance in achieving and maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards


Incident Response and Management:

  • Rapid response protocols for any security incidents to minimise impact and restore normal operations
  • Management of incident detection from resolution to analysis


Employee Training and Awareness Programs:

  • Comprehensive training for your staff to recognise and respond to potential cybersecurity threats
  • Regular updates on the latest cybersecurity trends and threats to keep your team informed and vigilant


Data Encryption and Secure Access:

  • Implementation of strong encryption methods to protect sensitive data
  • Secure access controls and authentication protocols


Customised Security Strategies:

  • Tailored cybersecurity strategies aligning with your business operations
  • Flexibility to adapt to the evolving cybersecurity landscape and your business’s growth


Regular Security Audits and Updates:

  • Periodic security audits to assess and enhance your IT infrastructure
  • Regular updates to security systems and protocols to counter emerging threats

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Our services

M-Shield Cybersecurity

Our M Shield cybersecurity offering brings certainty to an increasingly precarious digital world Our technicians proactively audit existing systems to identify vulnerabilities before they impact your operations From 24 7 active monitoring to training of your staff MLogic takes a multi layered approach to secure your business

M-Vision (vCIO)

Our M Vision process reimagines what a virtual chief information officer vCIO can be with a comprehensive process Audit Consult Implement and Support Through detailed reporting M Vision evaluates your current IT infrastructure and forecasts your needs as your business grows

M-Cloud Services

M Cloud is our forward thinking suite of cloud services With experience in servicing small to medium businesses our team can implement and optimise your infrastructure to support collaboration and communication across your team M Cloud prioritises efficiency and accessibility while maintaining industry leading security

Managed Services (MSP) for Healthcare

We provide specialised managed IT support tailored for medical specialists and practices Our experience in the healthcare sector cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure ensures the seamless and secure operation of your practice with compliance to relevant privacy law

Managed Services (MSP) for Law Firms

As a partner and accredited provider of legal practice management software LEAP MLogic is experienced and trained in supporting law firms across the Illawarra Sydney and the Southern Highlands Pairing our expert managed IT support with industry leading cybersecurity practices and software we are the MSP of choice for forward thinking law firms

M-Voice Cloud Phone Systems

Experience the future of communications with our advanced yet intuitive telephony services Centred around the latest voice over IP VoIP technology our solutions offer clear reliable and cost effective communications to connect your people

Hardware & Software

We partner with some of the best in hardware and software to supply your full suite of technology across devices network Microsoft365 LEAP and more Our service is end to end with support from procurement and installation through to maintenance and after sales care

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