Specialised Managed Services for Law Firms

Specialised Managed Services for Law Firms

Managed Services for Law Firms


Law Firms are finding it increasingly difficult to get the technology and support they need in the current Managed Services industry.

MLogic IT Solutions has identified, that Law Firms require specialised IT services to meet their individual needs. As more legal processes are becoming digitised and online only, staff in law firms need to be able to access and store information quickly and efficiently. Their systems need to be very secure and have excellent disaster recovery systems in place, to be called into action at any time.

MLogic provides the best Managed Services in the region, we have solutions, designed to meet the specific and individual needs of law firms.



The term “workflow” has been thrown around for years, however, very few technology companies can actually improve your workflow, it is more often than not, just a word used to sell more product.

MLogic has been able improve workflow efficiencies in our law firm clients, by implementing specific products and services to suit their needs.

Workflow solutions such as;

-          Scan from your copier directly into the correct matter of your document management, or practice management system.

-          Philips digital dictation and transcription systems

-          Olympus digital dictation and transcription systems

-          Dragon Legal Edition voice recognition for automated dictations

-          Cost recovery solutions that integrate with your accounting and practice management, allowing you to accuratley bill for expenses i.e. print, copy, fax, scan, phone calls, mobile phone calls.

-          Ability to print to letter head and plain paper trays with one click in Word.

-          Add electronic signatures to documents in Word with a single click.

-          Convert your active Word document to pdf and attach to new email with a single-click

-          Custom workflow processes can be created based on your needs


Cloud & Security

Everything at MLogic IT Solutions is done with security in mind. We use the best available Cloud Security solutions and adopt our “4 essential layers of network security” approach to all of our customers systems. All of our Cloud Solutions are AUSTRALIAN HOSTED, so none of your data will be stored in off-shore data centres, and that goes for our helpdesk too. We will never outsource our helpdesk, it is all 100{d53cdca7f9b43f90e0283f428e8a76453f8aef2578dc48f491c718c0e7bee881} Australian based, to ensure the best security and compliance possible.

MLogic IT Solutions provides excellent Cloud BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery), integrated with current backup solutions, with all data is stored in Australia. In the unlikley event of a disaster, MLogic will retrieve your cloud backup and restore your systems in quick time.


Legal Apps

Mlogic have an excellent knowledge of all the major legal software vendors and excellent relationships with their corresponding support desks.

This includes; Leap, Leap Cloud, Lawdocs, Hotdocs, Open Practice, Affinity, PCLaw, Silqware, and LawWare.


To find out more about our specialised Managed Services for Law Firms Contact MLogic

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