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MLogic’s VOIP solution is via a partnership with local market leading telephony provider. MLogic can scope, manage and implement a WAN and VOIP solution that will remove the complexity of physical phone lines. VOIP systems can also be easily integrated into our IT support offering.


With the roll-out of NBN almost complete, ISP's and phone providers have been pushing some kind of VOIP service to their customers to avoid issues with the removal of PSTN and ISDN lines. Often the solution that is recommended is not thought out or planned and can cause some real problems for your business.

The solution is often an add-on to an existing phone system that allows it to be connected to the network and converts the physical lines to SIP lines. This can be a cost affective solution and often means you don't have to replace handsets.

Another solution is replace the old phone system and port your numbers to a cloud based system and use a web portal for the management of your phone systems. This works well as long as you use a reputable provider with a good track record. The last thing your business needs is to sign up with a provider that has inadequate cloud infrastructure to support the customer base using the system.

The fact is that phone systems are now an integral part of your IT network. It needs to considered in line with the rest of your IT systems. All the considerations regarding network traffic, bandwidth and cost need to come under the IT banner.  

MLogic can provide class leading cloud PBX solutions with flexible pricing plans and quality VOIP handsets and accessories. 

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